speaking with confidence:(communication and presentation skills)

speaking with confidence

How to Speak with Confidence

 speaking with confidence: You may have a big presentation at work that you have to present in front of your co workers or you could be making a speech in front of your entire school for whatever reason. As the big day nears you can become anxious and nervous. This is what is known as a fear of speaking in public, otherwise known as anxiety. You may be wondering how to speak in public or you may just want to know how to build yourself up so you will not be so hard on yourself all the time, and there are tips to deal with your situation.

You can feel great about yourself by showing everyone your beautiful smile, and then you can work on your speaking voice so it can sound more confident without hesitation and you can also work on your self esteem to make you feel better about yourself. There are also activities to build confidence at work and in your every day life so you can speak in front of people without feeling so nervous. You can also take communication skills classes at your local college so you can be taught how to speak in front of people in a confident manner.

How to Act With Confidence

Before you start speaking to people you do not know or giving speeches in front of a whole bunch of people, you should work on acting the part. When people first see you, they cannot hear you so you need to look confident. A way to start acting confident is smiling. Frowning says you are either confused or angry. A half smile is telling people that you are nervous and unsure about who you are and what you are speaking about. If you smile too big, that says a lot too. That could scare people off, and it may make you look fake. All you need is one simple smile that will show the world you know yourself.

How to Speak With Confidence

You may be wondering how to be confident when public speaking. Before you can start building up your self esteem, work on activities at work or at home or take any classes to help with overcoming fear of public speaking you need to work on speaking confidently. It is all about how you sound when you speak. When you have a hesitant tone to your voice, it makes you sound like you are unsure of yourself when you speak. The way you speak also has a lot to do with your posture. By standing up tall, you are letting people know that you have a bold personality. When you are hunched over, it makes you look nervous and embarrassed.

What you can do is look at yourself in the mirror and see how you are standing. Once you feel as though you are standing big and tall, try speaking and see if your voice comes out sounding confident and sincere. Once you have this down, you are ready to move on to the next steps to building self confidence.

Building up your Self Esteem

The next step is to work on your self esteem. If you are not confident in yourself, especially when speaking in front of people, you can have a low self esteem. By overcoming shyness, you can go from having a low self esteem to a high self esteem and things can only get better from there. You may be wondering how to get self esteem and be on a higher level. There are ways to improve self esteem and turn those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. The first thing in esteem building is to be your own person. Their may be people out there that can do things faster and more efficient than you can. Do not think about that and do things at your own pace. This falls under the category of comparing yourself to other people. When you do that, it will make things hard for you to increase confidence.

Some people may not realize they have low self esteem until they look at the words they use. Every time someone reminds you about how negative you are, have them remind you about what you said. You can take that information and put it in a journal. This way you are empting all the negative thoughts out of your head and putting them on paper. You can also go out and have fun. If you go out with friends and have a good time, you can forget everything that can be holding you back from having a high self esteem. By doing simple things to raise your self esteem, you will learn how to speak confidently.

Activities to Build Confidence

Once you feel as though you have your self esteem under control, you can work on confident speaking. There are several confidence building activities you can do to build your confidence up before your big speaking debut and some of them you can also practice in front of your family members.

You can challenge yourself by talking to other people you do not know.

Practice your public speaking skills in front of the mirror. This way you can have confidence in yourself and what you are speaking about.

Gather family and friends together and speak in front of them. They may help you build up self confidence by giving you praise on a job well done.

These activities mentioned will help you with feel confident when giving any kind of speech or even if you want to make new friends. They will help make you speak openly without any kind of anxiety. There are also other activities that can also help you gain the freedom of feeling confident.

Another activity you can do is to give honesty a shot. If you are feeling something, it is best to get it out there so other people will not think you are hiding something.

​If you like writing, that is another activity that would be great for you. Write down the things you are good at and all the praise you have gotten from other people. You will feel a lot better about yourself.

​Write a list of the things you would like to accomplish in life and set a goal for each thing. You will be confident in knowing that you can get things done that you may have never thought you could do.

​Building Confidence in the Workplace

It is especially important to work on your confidence and self esteem in the work place. You have to speak with your boss, co workers, and clients or customers on a daily basis so you should start building confidence at work. You are working to make a living and you would hate to lose your opportunity if you sound unsure of yourself and you do not really know what is going on. You may work at a place where people are constantly looking over your shoulder or you may have to speak in front of people everyday. There are several activities you can do to begin building your confidence at work.

If you are new at work, your co workers may play a get to know you exercise where you tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

If you work in a call center and use a script, you can read the script to other people. This will help you have confidence in public speaking.

Do not be afraid to share ideas you have on making your workplace better.

These activities will help you build up self confidence and you will begin speaking with confidence in no time at all.

Not only can you do exercises and activities at work to help with confidence, but you can do other things as well to make yourself feel confident.

Dress for success. By dressing the part at work, you will feel more confident and know your job.

​You can also walk in the building with confidence. This is called leaving all your negative feelings out the door and walk into a day of work with a new attitude.

You can also take a few deep breaths and think about what you are going to say before you say it. This way you have your thoughts down and you sound more confident.

Taking Courses in Public Speaking

One way to figure out how to improve public speaking skills is by taking classes on the subject. The public speaking training you will get will be very beneficial to you and what you are trying to accomplish. You will learn how to be confident with public speaking and how to build confidence and self esteem in your every day life; not just when you are doing any kind of public speaking. Your instructors will guide you every step of the way.

One of the great things about the classes is that your instructor will get you to complete public speaking exercises. Some exercises may include:

Giving speeches on a variety of different topics until you are speaking with confidence.

Giving group presentations to help you with your public speaking confidence.

You may also be able to have fun in your class and do silly little skits. The more you make fun of yourself, the more you will realize how confident you actually are.

These exercises are great because they get you to work with other people. This way you are not only raising your confidence level in front of an entire class, but you are also learning to speak to people that you do not know. Many people that struggle with their personal confidence and speaking in front of people take courses in public speaking.

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​Practice Makes Perfect

You can take all the things you have learned and continue practicing. You cannot feel one hundred percent confident after speaking in front of a bunch of people once. You should keep working on it. If you do not keep working on your confidence and self esteem and you have the opportunity to make a speech or even to meet new people, then all the things you have worked on would go out the window. It would have just been a waste of time.

When you are doing these exercises and practicing by yourself or in front of family and friends, start speaking slowly to make sure your words are coming out clear. You should also want to make sure that every word or phrase is coming out the way you want it to come out. This would be a great practicing exercise. People may think you are sounding weird but just let them know you are practicing speaking with confidence. They may want to try it too. You are not the only one in the world that needs to work on this; many other people do too. Make sure you keep working on it because after all practice makes perfect.

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Teaching Others about Confidence Building

As long as you follow these steps and keep at it for a while, you will be able to teach others what you have learned. You cannot read minds so people need to be upfront and ask you for help. You can also offer help to people if you can tell they are lacking confidence. By the way they stand and by the way their facial appearance looks, you can see a difference. Once they start talking, you may be able to hear the nervousness or quiver in their voice. It is important to spread the word and let people know about what makes you a confident person. Not just feeling confident, but to improve your speaking skills as well. It is also less stressful now that you are a better person and know what you want in life.

To start, you have to work on your confidence personally by dealing with your self esteem. Then you can move on to building your confidence by doing activities at home and work to make you want to speak openly in front of people, and then you can take courses to learn even more about speaking. Do not forget to practice your exercises at least two or three times a week. Once you start speaking with confidence, you are limitless to the amount of speeches you can give and presentation skills to have. People may ask you how to build my confidence.

You can take what you have learned and let them know that you first have to build your self esteem before you can begin speaking with confidence. Once you have that down or while you are still working on your self esteem, you can work on activities to build up self confidence whether you are at home or at the office. To gain speaking skills, you can also take public speaking courses where you will learn a lot more. By the time you have done all the activities and have taken all the courses you can, you will be a confident speaker and you can teach other people so they can get to your level.