Inside and Out – Health Habits

health habits

So that’s it: that’s everything you need to know in order to start organizing your time better, getting help where you need it and really valuing your time. Decide what you really want to spend your time doing and how you want to spend your life and then just prioritize that above everything else.

What’s left is to give yourself the best fighting chance of success possible. And the way we’re going to do that is by helping you to strengthen your body and mind ready to take on that work schedule and emerge on top!

Eating for Energy

We discussed earlier that energy and not time was the most valuable commodity when it comes to getting everything done and there by having more freedom later on.

We talked about how you could give your self more energy by implementing breaks and rests and by working with your natural rhythms. But what’s also important is to provide your body with energy through out the day.

So how do you eat for energy?

One tip is to try and get more complex carbohydrates and fats. Complex carbohydrates are carbs like vegetables and wholegrain breads that areslower to digest. These release energy slowly through out the day – as does fat – and that in turn means you avoid having a ‘sugar high’ followed by a crash.

Avoid sweets and cakes because these are ‘simple carbs’ that release a rush of sugar and then leave you feeling tired and low on energy subsequently.

Equally important is to ensure you are getting all of your vitamins and minerals.These are crucial elements in our diet that lead to greater energy and greater function throughout our bodies.

Vitamins and minerals improve everything from our mood (by contributing to the creation of hormones and neurotransmitters), to our sleep, bone density, energy efficiency and more. Adding a smoothie to your daily diet can make a huge difference – and in this case it’s worth the sugar!

Clean, Sharp and Impressive

Another tip is to invest in your hygiene and your style. The secret is to feel good and to look good. When you do this, you’ll find it’s much easier to stay positive, productive and driven. Get your hair cut regularly, make the effort to wear sharp outfits that really suit you and maintain good hygiene.

When you feel clean on the inside, you’ll express that on the outside. Andwhen you feel confident in the way you look, you’re give off an aura of success that will lead to more opportunities.

More Lifestyle Tips

We’ve already addressed the value of meditation and this is a great tool you can use to keep your mind relaxed. If you find that you struggle a lot with stress, then you should also think about addressing the sources of that stress, which may even mean quitting your job.

You can also try seeing a therapist. Often the most effective form of therapy for stress is ‘CBT’ (cognitive behavioral therapy) which will help to teach you the mental tools and skills that can help you to eliminate unhelpful thoughts and anxieties.

Finally, if you can find the time and the energy, it is very much worth spending some time on a basic exercise regime.

Even if your goal isn’t to lose weight or build muscle, exercising will simply help to give you more energy and focus through out the day. It acts as anatural depressant, improves the energy efficiency of your cells and even helps you to get more energy to your brain. AND it leads to better sleep!