describe the components of a personal development plan

describe the components of a personal development plan

An Insight into the Key Points that Describe the Components of a Personal Development Plan

No matter what level of personal achievement, you achieve there is always room for improvement. An effective personal development plan can better help you here. A personal upward mobility plan includes a set of guidelines, which must be followed by the individuals to achieve their goals. This plan is really about practice, preparation, perseverance, and perspiration. It will help you to identify your personal goals and achieve them through a step-by-step, systematic way. Additionally, it empowers the individuals to achieve their ultimate aim, while saving them from being sidetracked. But the crucial part is making your PD plan work. There are certain components that you “must” add to your personal development plan for unlocking your full potential and to ensure your success. The briefings listed below describe the components of a personal development plan. Let’s take a peek-Positive Attitude

A blend of personal development plan and positive thinking does wonders.How?

Positivity will boost your self-confidence and empower you to accomplish every tough thing you have included in your plan. The power of positive thinking will enable you to train your mind and body to “know for certain” that the output of your efforts will be favourable. This will further increase the possibilities of your ‘win’ in your personal development plan.

Have a Right Balance of Discontentment and Contentment

Be satisfied with what you have. Contentment will save you from the temptation of taking unethical shortcuts for reaching the finish line. Likewise, settling with what you have reaped is also not wise. Rather, you should have an unquenchable desire for creating a better tomorrow for yourself. Make sure you keep this important element in mind when creating a development plan.

Accountability Partner

As you pursue your personal aspirations, you will want to have an accountability partner or personal development coach on board for accountability of your progress. Pick an accountability partner that can be your encouragement during the process. This person should be compassionate and a good listener so that you can be best helped through the ups and downs of your journey to personal development.

Read, read, read!

Readers are excellent leaders. This is the next most important element that the experts include on the list when they describe the components of a personal development plan to individuals. Reading will allow you to challenge yourself mentally.

How is that possible?

Extensive reading practise will provide more and more information to your mind and you may be able to process unique ideas of your own.

Experience the ‘Tough’

Open yourself to challenges. If you choose an easy path, you won’t be open to change. Seek every obstacle and difficulty as an opportunity for the success of your personal growth. Remember, growth demands change. So if you let yourself into challenges you are sure to experience change and this will eventually result in your growth. The ‘tough’ will force you to change your bad lifestyle practices and habits and push you out of your comfort zone.

True Commitment to Discipline

Discipline is of course, painful, but those trained by it can reap the benefit of peace and righteousness. Discipline and commitment together will allow you to work on your weaknesses. You have got to go through some “discomfort” to harvest the perks of confidence and self-esteem. The doses of ‘growing pains’ will be worth it! After all, you will be coming out of your comfort zone and that will pave a way to your success. Commitments also bring self-control in a person, enabling him/her to stick to his/her promises of delivering the results in the set time. For extended help, you may check the examples of a personal development plan template online.


Remember, personal development is a continuous and never-ending process. So don’t let your spirits down in case you fail to excel in any of the personal development components. Focus more on incremental and progressive growth. Determine your aspirations and area of interests and then formulate your personal development plans accordingly. Keep things simple, stay positive and committed, and then see the magic happening. Not only your PD plan will work, but you’ll also get a boost "now and then" that will, in turn add colours to your dream life.