How to calm your mind to eliminate stress (Organizing Your Social Life)

Do ever feel like life would be a whole lot less stressful if it weren’t for allthe other people?

Organizing Your Social Life

We all want this from time to time – and particularly once life is old-timetop folks and that we don’t have the time, energy or cash to devote to ourfriends.

So however does one approach organizing your social life and staying on prime of allthose belongings you got to do?


The first issue you would like to try and do is to Prioritize.

If you have got a busy social calendar, then it’s usually straightforward to feel too stressed and place upon. You’re perpetually being asked bent on events and ifyou say no, then you are feeling like you’re property folks down.

This gets tougher and tougher as we tend to mature. folks move away andmeanwhile we've got additional and additional responsibilities. we tend to want we tend to can’tsay no to a fan UN agency invitations U.S. out as a result of it absolutely was goodbye since we tend to sawthem last time.

​Here’s the issue though: there comes a time in life wherever you only can’t doeverything you wish to try and do. As such, you would like to range and as unhappy asthat sounds, that may generally mean pruning your social network.

​Right at the highest of your priorities if you’re associate adult, ought to be your partner,your youngsters and your immediate family. If you’re having a tough time turningdown invites, then merely prompt yourself that you just got to reservethe lion’s share of some time and energy for your family. This doesn’t buildyou a foul person, it causes you to associate adult with responsibilities!

​This doesn’t mean that you’re reaching to discontinue contact together with your friends ortell them you don’t wish to ascertain them anymore! All it suggests that is that you justmight – for instance – solely settle for one invite to pay time with friendsa week. Or additional realistically, 2 a month as you begin to induce older.

That means that if you have got 2 invites from 2 sets of friends, youmight merely to choose that friend is one in all your ‘priorities’.

​‘Dunbar’s Number’ is that the variety of friends that we will realistically maintainrelationships with. He puts the amount as somewhere between 100-250, with ‘150’ being the foremost usually quoted figure.

​This variety although isn't solely concerning friends although however ratherall the contacts we will maintain whether or not they be friends, colleagues, associatedor acquaintances.

​In reality, you'll be able to in all probability solely maintain concerning ten actually shut relationships– therefore select UN agency those 10 square measure reaching to be!

​Forget Frenemies

​One factor that produces this lots easier is to admit all the friends you have that aren’t extremely friends. These square measure the those who we have a tendency to count asfriends however truly we have a tendency to don’t actually get pleasure from spending time around all that much.

​As you grow old and also the stakes get higher, you sadly simply don’t have time for friends that aren’t very friends. As such, it’s time to place those folks to at least one aspect and to target those that you just very get pleasure from spending time with which are there for you.

​Just as removing a number of the extra things from your decorating willhelp to place additional stress on your favorite belongings, you'll be able to likewiseenjoy nearer relationships with the those that extremely pertain you byspending less time with the those that don’t merit some time and energy.

Keep a Calendar

Another vital tip is to stay a calendar. If you have got several friends and abusy social life, then this is often doubtless to lead to plenty of various things planned. one in all the largest stresses that may come back from this is often being doublebooked for multiple activities which suggests property folks down or speeding to try and achieve each.

​Keeping a diary may be a good way to avoid this from happening and particularly if you'll be able to use an app which will allow you to simply update and edit events on the fly. this manner you'll be able to conjointly started completely different reminders to confirm that you simply continually apprehend what’s arising and don’t forget one thing massive you've got on your agenda.

​What’s even higher regarding exploitation an app like Google Calendar is that you simply can even let others see your diary and contribute to that. this is often a good thanks to organize meetups and get-togethers as a result of it lets folks see once you’re free.

​Now comes one in every of the terribly biggest tips for organizing your life and obtaining things in order: confirm that you simply conjointly add your alternative tasks and hoo-hah list to your diary.

​Ask yourself what the items ar that you simply completely can’t miss. for example, you may decide that in any respect prices you're about to visit the gymnasium thrice every week. perhaps you completely can’t shelve filling out your return to any extent further.

​So confirm it’s within the diary and treat it even as you'd the other activity– as changeless. If somebody suggests doing one thing thereon day and you've got ‘fill out tax return’ already thereon date, then you make a case for that you simply can’t meet, or that you’ll got to get there ar number of hours later.

​It looks extreme however once you begin taking your commitments seriously, you’ll notice you've got way more time to truly do the items you wish to try and do which you don’t feel stressed as a result of those necessary tasks ar perpetually being pushed back.


Ah Facebook.

Facebook is one in all the largest culprits for several folks once it involves procrastination, stress and overwhelm. Not solely will Facebook take up ahuge quantity of your time by giving U.S. one thing to willy-nilly flick thru, it can also cause stress (and even depression) through one thing known as‘social comparison theory’ (we primarily compare our lives to the highlights that everyone else shows off).

Then there’s the fact that Facebook keeps us in touch with all those people we no longer know, no longer care about and no longer need to be in touchwith.

​So what’s the solution?

​You might expect me to mention ‘delete Facebook’ at this point, however that will extremely be rather rash – in any case, Facebook may be a terribly great tool and might truly build organizing events and things plenty easier.

​Instead then, simply take a look at your Facebook and streamline andprune it.

Firstly: you probably don’t want the Facebook app on your phone! Not solely will the Facebook app take up lots of juice thereby exhausting your battery and deceleration down your device however it may also perpetually badger you with notifications and messages that actually aren’t all that pressing. they are available through as emails anyway, thus why not put off the app?

​More important is simply to delete those contacts on Facebook that aren’t really friends. People from your infant school, people who you met at randomparties and people who you don’t like can all go.

​And as for your news feed, why not just ‘unfollow’ some of the people youdon’t really want to see?

​Doing all these things will allow you to make more use from Facebook without the stressful/ distracting/ time consuming elements.

Then simply check that to limit your own Facebook use. as an example, howabout limiting yourself to ten minutes of Facebook a day?