5 self empowerment techniques for a more successful and happier life

Self empowerment techniques are activities that are adopted and practiced by a person to create a sense of personal accountability, self-worth, and an inward power. These techniques mainly focus on recognizing, accepting, and acting upon an individual’s hidden reserves of talent, ability, and courage. Self empowerment techniques are best learned through direct experience. Also, they are more productive when performed in groups rather than in isolation.

What does empowerment mean?

The definition of empowerment, in the context of self-improvement, is having the ability and courage to choose to live in a certain way. A person is empowered if s/he can perceive particular aspects in their lives properly and act efficiently to fulfill the needs of those aspects. There are diverse ways of empowering yourself. Some ways are simple and inexpensive while others are complex and very expensive. However, they have one thing in common: when practiced consistently and mindfully, you are sure to experience significant changes in your life. Below are five life-changing self empowerment techniques:

1. Creating self-awareness

Attaining self-awareness is the first step towards self empowerment. It involves asking yourself several questions such as: What do I know about myself at the moment? What brought me to the state that I am in? To become more than what you are you will require personal change which can only be realized once you know what you are at the moment. Self-awareness helps you to transform your attitude in life. When you succeed in setting the right attitude for personal change, you will become self-empowered.

2. Mindfulness meditation

Meditation emphasizes on the realization that the mind is a muscle. Just like we exercise our bodies to keep fit, mindfulness meditation keeps our brain healthy and fit too. During the many times we think about ourselves, we get caught up in thoughts of the past or worries about the future. Some of these thoughts sometimes make us feel worried and weak. If such worries affect us when making decisions of the current day, then we are living the direct opposite of self empowerment.

Meditation focuses our mind to the present moment. It helps us focus on here and now. Research shows that mindfulness meditation helps to manage stress and boost concentration. It is among the most powerful self empowerment techniques.

Different people have different meditation experiences. The amazing thing with mindfulness meditation is that you can have anything as the focus of your attention: your body or breathe, harmonized sounds, or even your favorite candy. This enables you to practice the technique in a way that suits you.

3. Celebrating small successes to boost self-determination

This technique is an integral part of self empowerment. It appreciates the fact that everything cannot be done all at once and assumes that developing a portfolio of small successes ultimately leads to self empowerment. Self-determination is anchored on recognizing choices and making the right decisions. Often, people lament about coming from intimidating life experiences. There is usually that thing that beats you down and sometimes makes you doubt whether you can make it. This is self-doubt, the opposite of self-determination.

The process of overcoming self-doubt is gradual. You need to begin focusing on small successes such a keeping time and solving issues as soon as they appear. This way, you will have many success stories to overshadow self-doubt and this builds an inner power that is strong enough to face situations confidently in the future.

4. Gather knowledge

Whether it is the old-fashioned way or through digital media, reading equips you with knowledge. Knowledge yields power. Gathering knowledge helps you to make informed decisions when faced with different situations in life. Read books, articles, journals, etc. and watch videos on self empowerment techniques or any topic that interests you. Information can help you to socialize more since you have something to contribute during discussions. It is easier to win arguments when you have facts and this can boost your confidence. Reading, therefore, is a powerful self-improvement technique.

5. Cultivate self-discipline

Learn to follow the goals you’ve set and give 100% of your ability and determination to your course. Have clear boundaries in your behaviors and purpose to obey them faithfully. Follow up on your promises including those you’ve made to yourself. Learn to separate others’ issues from yours. Self-discipline is the backbone of behavior change which is mandatory is almost all self empowerment techniques. Therefore, always remember that some techniques aren’t easy to follow but with self-discipline everything is doable.

Self empowerment is infinite. No one can claim to be completely empowered. It is a continuous process that keeps on changing with time and according to the occurrence of different life situations. The most important thing for one to remember is that practicing self empowerment techniques persistently is the only sure way of continued self-improvement. Through practice, you can also develop skills on how to empower others for the overall good of your family and the society.